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The Orbit of Clamnebula

Today's Revolution


Describe myself... well, this has never been easy for me to do, but I'll try to be an impartial self-observer! According to the Myers-Briggs personality tests, I'm an 'INFP', which stands for Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Perception... I think I'm comfortable with that. I'm currently working in retail, but in my varied past I've been employed by film crews, health food gurus, alt-rock singers, souvlaki slingers,... ooops, bad rhyme alert! :-) Music, art, film, and creativity in general are all important to me, and I hope someday to living with my 'artsy endevors'. My friends are also very important to me, and I sometimes think of them as my family of choice , 'tho they'd never replace my own, equally wonderful family. I love animals; I don't have any of my own at the moment, but some of the neighborhood cats come upstairs and visit me occasionally. Well, if any of this sounds interesting, just drop me a line and we'll compare notes and lives!
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